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Pirate in Hammock
AF 11014774 | $1295 ea.
74"L x 28"W x 25"H

Fiberglass Pirate Torture Cage Statue
AF 1332 | $1495 ea.
36"L x 14"W x 79"H

Black Beard Statue
AF 1430 | $1195 ea.
38"L x 22"W x 75"H

Pirate on Treasure Box Statue
AF 1540 | $1095 ea.
42"L x 30"W x 54"H

Pirate on Rope Statue
AF 1596 | $795 ea.
23"L x 24"W x 72"H

Pirate Ship Cannon w/Balls
AF 1606 | $1995 ea.
53"L x 35"W x 36"H

Pirate Ship Cannon w/Balls
AF 1606B | $1995 ea.
60"L x 32"W x 26"H

Fiberglass Pirate Butler Statue
AF 1740 | $995 ea.
16"L x 23"W x 66"H

Fiberglass Pirate Sign Statue
AF 1860 | $995 ea.
12"L x 24"W x 68"H

Swinging Lady Pirate
AF 2218 | $995 ea.
21"L x 15"W x 72"H

Fiberglass Skeleton Pirate Statue
AF 2263 | $1195 ea.
28"L x 36"W x 78"H

Fiberglass Pirate Skeleton Statue
AF 2309 | $495 ea.
16"L x 16"W x 36"H

Fiberglass Lady Pirate Statue
AF 2313 | $1195 ea.
30"L x 26"W x 76"H

Fiberglass Lady Butler Statue
AF 2314 | $495 ea.
16"L x 16"W x 36"H

Fiberglass Lady Pirate Fencing Statue
AF 2356 | $995 ea.
39"L x 24"W x 62"H

Fiberglass Pirate Photo Op Statue
AF 2432 | $1195 ea.
36"L x 36"W x 72"H

Fiberglass Pirate Statue
AF 2433 | $1195 ea.
39"L x 26"W x 74"H

Fiberglass Pirate Wall Plaque
AF 2442 | $795 ea.
25"L x 6"W x 50"H

Fiberglass Pirate Statue on Bench
AF 2447 - AB | $2995 pr.
74"L x 30"W x 39"H

Fiberglas Pirates on Bench Statue
AF 2447 - ABC | $3495 gr.
74"L x 30"W x 39"H

Fiberglass Pirate Bench
AF 2447 - B | $1995 ea.
74"L x 30"W x 39"H

Fiberglass Lady Pirate Statue on Bench
AF 2447 - BC | $2995 pr.
74"L x 30"W x 39"H

Fiberglass Sitting Pirate Statue
AF 2447-A | $995 ea.
21"L x 30"W x 60"H

Lady Pirate Statue
AF 2447C | $995 ea.
34"L x 28"W x 60"H

Fiberglass Pirate Boy Statue
AF 2469 | $795 ea.
30"L x 26"W x 48"H

Fiberglass Pirate Boy Statue
AF 2470 | $795 ea.
22"L x 22"W x 48"H

Pirate Treasure Box
AF 2471 | $1190 ea.
26"L x 20"W x 24"H

Fiberglass Chinese Pirate & Barrel Statue
AF 2490 | $2510 ea.

Fiberglass Lady Pirate Statue
AF 2517 | $2090 ea.
55"L x 36"W x 76"H

Fiberglass Carribean Pirate Statue
AF 2519 | $1195 ea.
38"L x 28"W x 72"H

Galleon Bar Cabinet
AF 2579 | $2995 ea.
26"L x 51"W x 91"H

Fiberglass Barrel Shelf
AF 5080 | $295 ea.
44"L x 6"W x 11"H

Fiberglass Peg Leg Statue
AF 840 | $1195 ea.
36"L x 36"W x 72"H

Fiberglass Peg Leg Statue
AF 841 | $495 ea.
15"L x 13"W x 39"H

AF FC | $1195 ea.
35"L x 14"W x 78"H

AF FJ | $995 ea.
36"L x 32"W x 54"H

3 Pirate, 3 benches, 2 barrels, Chest & Table
AF FSC SET | $Call gr.

Pirate Captain Enrico Statue
AF FSC1250 | $1495 ea.
28"L x 29"W x 73"H

Pirate Swinging on Rope Statue
AF ST 9722 | $995 ea.
28"L x 16"W x 72"H

Fiberglass Pirate Captain Statue
AF T-FSC222 | $1495 ea.
24"L x 30"W x 76"H

Fiberglass Lady Pirate Statue
AF T-FSC223 | $995 ea.
25"L x 18"W x 80"H

Fiberglass Pirate Treasure Hunter Statue
AF T-FSC224 | $1495 ea.
25"L x 18"W x 80"H

Fiberglass Pirate Lookout Statue
AF T-FSC237 | $995 ea.
16"L x 12"W x 57"H

Fierglass Prirate Cristobal Statue
AF T-FSC309 | $3140 ea.
75"L x 31"W x 75"H

Pirate Treasure Chest
AF T-FSC311 | $495 ea.
30"L x 23"W x 22"H

Pirate Ship Cannon w/Balls
AF T-FSC312 | $1995 ea.
74"L x 34"W x 28"H

Pirate Ship Cannon w/Balls
AF T-FSC312B | $1995 ea.
74"L x 34"W x 28"H

Pirate Steering Ship Statue
HX 030714 | $1495 ea.
52"L x 40"W x 78"H

Pirate Holding Lamp Statue
HX 030718 | $3590 ea.
38"L x 38"W x 86"H

Pirate Moreno Playing Cards Statue
HX FSC305 | $995 ea.
25"L x 37"W x 56"H

Pirate Pedro Playing Cards Statue
HX FSC306 | $995 ea.
34"L x 34"W x 52"H

Pirate Carlos Playing Cards
HX FSC307 | $995 ea.
35"L x 27"W x 54"H

Fiberglass Pirate Statue
HX T-FSC220 | $1495 ea.
32"L x 20"W x 77"H

Pirate in a Hammock Statue
HX T-FSC308 | $1495 ea.
69"L x 23"W x 45"H

Fiberglass Pirate Captain One Eye Statue
HX T-FSC310 | $1495 ea.
52"L x 35"W x 70"H

All measurements shown are approximate/Prices subject to change.

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